Monday, September 1, 2008

Adriana M Galvez: intro and sketch

I am really excited about being included with all these very talented friends, in the Red Eye book project. I am really looking forward to seeing everybody's ideas and works for the final book. This piece is a past sketchbook drawing, a sample of one of my favorite interests, that being anything from paradise! It was done in my backyard and finished in the evening by headlamp! I will update periodically as I begin to work on images specifically for the book, which will be different from this sketch.

I was asked to say a few words about myself;
I grew up in the foggy central coast of California, the birth of East of Eden and Tortilla Flats. Always wanted to work in animation since I was a young Galvezita. I presently work on "King of the Hill" in Background color. Also for my personal amusement, I have been dabbling in Tiki/Halloween art for a few years.


Skeptiva said...

Hey Adri,
Cool tiki!
I can't believe you posted before Paul, I bug him like every day about it.

Paul Wee said...

Whoooobahhh...Ah yes, I was there at the creation of this one...very nice!